Granite Countertop Maintenance
Congratulations on your purchase of a natural stone product from Eurocraft Marble & Granite. Proper care and maintenance ensures the longevity and beauty of this product. Use the following tips to keep your countertop looking its best.

To clean your countertop, use mild soap and water. Do not use cleaners, such as Comet or Vim, as they may scratch the surface of your product. Also, do not use bleach or ammonia because, since all countertops have been sealed, these chemicals may remove the surface sealer on your stone.

Wipe up spills when they occur (ie. wine, mustard and grape juice), because leaving them on the counter for an extended period of time may result in staining. Also try to avoid allowing acidic foods, such as lemon juice, vinegar and soft drinks, to be left on the surface for any amount of time as they can etch the surface.

Never place a pan or tray from a very hot oven directly on your counter. Pots off of the stove should be fine but use good judgment.

With just a little care to protect their beauty and utility, granite and marble countertops will last a lifetime.


Our warranty is valid for one year from the date of installation. This warranty applies to material installed in its original location by one of our employees and becomes null and void if it is moved from its original location. Upon verification of a valid claim made against the warranty, we will repair or replace the affected material.

Our warranty excludes defects or damages caused by the following :

  • Customer misuse or abuse of the material
  • Surface chipping or scratching caused by negligence
  • Failure by the customer to exercise reasonable care and proper maintenance for the product
  • Damage from wear and tear

This warranty does not cover the natural characteristics of stone, which include, but are not limited to, colour variations, water lines, fissures or surface pits, and blemishes. A warranty becomes null and void if there is any outstanding balance owing.